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19. 6. 2008


Muro – 1550 g

Líza – 1240 g




The first day in the quarantine station in Istebné. When we arrived Erika´s mother wanted to have them in the kitchen. As first I gave them chicken meat, a paste with vitamins against stress – rekonvalescent cat and dry milk for cats – kitty milk. They have a little bit sleazier scats so I add ½ of tablet of bone-black to the meat. We put the cubs to the window; Líza ate as first, Murko a little bit later. I put a bowl with remains of meat to the floor and the bowl was licked clean in a moment. Because Muro bites electrical cables I covered all of them by carpet. We left the crate with paper on the floor. Líza was there to urine. They found a lair behind the couch; they cuddled together and slept calmly. Half an hour later they woke up, investigated the new environment, finally they went up to me on the couch. Líza is standing on my daily book. When Miloš arrived we found a fabric and we prepared a perfect pen in the yard. Initially they were afraid, Murko found shelter in high flowers but then they climbed up the apple tree from where they got down only with help. They do not master the technique of coming down from the tree yet. In the pen, approximately one meter above the ground, there is a wooden cabin with a board leant against it. We will see if they will learn to climb on it.

At 09:00 p.m. I gave them food. They ate all. Murko was at the toilet twice, the scat was rigid. He mewed before it as if he showed us that something will happen. Líza did not defecate yet.




Around 06:00 a.m. I found them sleeping in the crate. They feel safely there. Around 06:00 a.m. I gave them milk, they drunk a little bit. At 08:00 a.m. in the morning I prepared meat with milk and paste, I left the bone-black out. They ate everything; they would like to eat more. Then they played. At 03:00 p.m. having been fed I put them to the pen. First, of course, they climbed to the tree; they fell down to the grass because they climbed up one through another. It seems that Líza investigated how to go down from the tree correctly. She went down by her bottom downwards. I put them to the wooden cabin in the pen where they slept until 04:30 p.m.

The lynxes played in the middle of the kitchen before us, they are not afraid. Today, Líza did not defecate again, but Muro´s one looks good. He defecated on the carpet under the sideboard.            



At 03:30 in the morning I woke up because of the scent in the crate. The scat was sleazy, dark but there was also a rigid one. I think that it was Líza. In the morning at 09:00 a.m. she vomited, at 03:00 p.m. again. We have to exclude pork and beef because this kind of meat is difficult to digest. We give them chicken meat with vitamins. Muro looks well. They slept silently for a moment but now they lark again. Unfortunately, Tomáš with camera is not here. The lynxes have to get accustomed to him so that he will be able to film them playing. We laugh much. It is magnificent.



Today, they did not eat for all day, just drunk water with bone-black because Líza vomited and she had diarrhea and Murko also vomited – I cannot give them pork and beef. Otherwise, they look good, they play together. We found and consequently removed a tick from Líza. The hard thick was completely white. I have never seen such a hard thick.



Sofa games


During all night they slept well and at 08:00 a.m. I gave them meat cut in small pieces – chicken with vitamins. But only small amount so they do not feel bad. During the night none defecated. They are active, play together, and climb up through our legs to the couch then down again and they attack each other. After playing they fall asleep under the radiator.



In the morning at 06:00 they scratched with their claws to the grids so I moved them, together with the crate, to the corridor. But they opened it in some way and they went upstairs to the mansard to Miloš. In the morning one of them defecated after rice decoction. The rigidity of the scat was normal. We put them to the pen, they still go to the narrowest corner.



The lynxes slept outside in the wooden cabin. In the morning they moved from the cabin to the crate without any problems.



Today, they were in the forest for the first time. Initially they were scary from the new environment as well as from their chain collars. Later we put away the collar from Muro and then from Líza. She ran down the forest and we had to chase her. Muro hided inside a hollow stem so we could only see his eyes. We did not know how to take him from that place, it was his shelter. Finally, I brought the crate with Líza and he came into it because of Líza. Now they are playing in their toilet bowl. We see first signs of greetings.



They feel the best in the kitchen. During feeding Muro starts to be aggressive to Líza so I have to feed them separately. However, they start to tack to each other increasingly.



Líza a Muro on the crate

30. 6. 2008


1. 7. 2008


2. 7. 2008


10. 7. 2008


11. 7. 2008


Games on CD's

30. 7. 2008


Muro – 4300 g

Líza – 3450 g



A really bad looking fight occurred when I put the diet through a grate of the crate. Muro attacked Líza and we divided them only thanks to using cold water. Then we left Líza in the toilet and Muro lay on the clout in the kitchen. After one hour we wanted to connect them again but when Muro came to Líza, on the contrary, she attacked him. We divided them again. In the morning both lynxes were looking for each other by whimpering. They did not fight in the crate. Around 07:00 in the morning we released Muro into the room, he wanted to play with Líza but she did not have any interest.



We bought another crate and the lynxes sleep separately. During the night they call each other. I put one of them to the toilet from the balcony but it did not help. Around 04:30 in the morning I put them to one crate and they are silent. No sign of fight.



We try to bath them individually in closed crates. Muro as first, then Líza. But only for a moment to become accustomed. After showering we released them to a blanket on the couch. After a moment they play and lick themselves. In the afternoon Dáška with her boyfriend Peťo take Líza to Jasenová. Muro was all right, he played. However, he did not want to sleep in the crate neither when we fed him. He still whimpered and scratched to go out. Líza had the same problems. She called Muro for all night. 



At 02:30 a.m. I still do not sleep so I released Muro to the room. He was quiet for a moment, then asleep and it repeated during all night. At 04:30 a.m. he played again. Thanks to one day separation Líza and Muro did not subjugate. We noticed that Muro ate from the hand more carefully and Líza is able to bite. Both lynxes snuffle when we make sharp movements close to them.



Last 3 days the lynx cubs were calmer, they slept for a longer time and they joined to stroke nicely, they did not attack us with their claws as before. It is a big progress, especially with Líza. Sometimes there are signs of boredom. In that time they mewed to each other by the typical “uhm”. Today, Líza jumped up to the Erika’s back but she did not scratch her.



Muro starts purring. They obtained also bones, but only in a small amount. We caught Líza napping how she rubs against soap in the bathroom.



Vlado Trulík helped us to secure the balcony with a fabric. Thus Muro and Líza can go also there.



Líza defecated into the crate and spread it throughout the flat. It was a problem to tide animals as well as the flat. I showered both lynxes together in one crate. Today, Líza learnt a wasp which has bitten her to the foot. Líza shook with her foot and licked it. 


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