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Erika Majdová with her daughter Dáška travel to the Ostrava city to become soon substitute parents of two young lynxes. This year was very fertile for lynxes in this ZOO. The female of the Eurasian lynx, from which we adopted cubs, had four offspring. Two males and two females. It is uncommon because in the wild nature the female usually breeds two cubs.


Immediately after arrival it was clear that we work with absolute professionals. The ZOO was huge, the animal yards were clean, and the animals were in good care. We were surprised by the amiability of the administration of the ZOO. Our lynxes were taken away by three nurses and the main zoologist Jirka Novák. They had to be really careful in the yard because both parents ranged around nervously and growled. However, everything passed without complications and the pair was taken away. We called the female Líza and the male Muro. We removed the lynx cubs to the guest house in a pannier. The cubs growled at us thus the feeding was really difficult, they did not know to drink from the bottle and they were successful in biting through all three teats. The first two days they drunk only small amounts of milk. We were afraid that they would become weak. After two weeks we tried to feed them during they slept so that we dropped milk to their mouth and it worked much better. 


This day Muro and Líza are getting braver already and they went out from the pannier to examine the room. They played together and we joined them. We made a mouse from a sock and they tried to catch it. During the weekend Miloš and Tomáš came to visit us and they take over the care of the cubs because we did not sleep too much. The cubs, especially Líza, still wail and look for parents. The wailing is very ear-piercing, almost it makes pain in our ears. Before our departure to Slovakia, the veterinary doctor administered them tablets against intestinal parasites as well as vaccinated them against rabies and gave them chips. Líza does not feel really good, she has a diarrhea. We started to be afraid of her. For a change, the relatively calm Muro fully replaced Líza in wailing. Tomáš and Miloš almost did not sleep. It is time for the transport to Slovakia. After almost one week of processing veterinary permissions for transport and building the quarantine station in Istebné in the house of Erika´s mother we transport them in a crate for animals. They are calm in the car, they sleep all the time. They slept almost one hour during a traffic jam before the Czech-Slovak border. Before Žilina city an unbelievable smell started to spread in the car. Líza already did not sustain so she defecated. We stop in Varín village in the Administration of the Malá Fatra Mts. National Park to clean the crate. 






Dáška, Erika a Miloš sa pretekajú komu skôr prejde SMS gratulácia k narodeninám najmladšiemu členovi klanu Majdovcov...

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